Aluminium Extrusion Supplier China

Chalco aluminum has 291 professional technology r&d personnel, accounting for 11.8% of the total number of employees.The technical advantages of the products are mainly reflected in: high toughness, high strength, high precision, high surface quality aluminum alloy pipes, profiles, bars, etc., the maximum tensile strength of the materials can reach 760MPa, fracture toughness can reach more than 1000N/mm3/2, nuclear industry pipes, red flag series profiles and many small and medium-sized extruded materials are the only suppliers in China.It has the following leading technologies:

1: The production technology of pipes for special nuclear industry has reached the international advanced level.

2: Aluminum and aluminum alloy reverse extrusion technology, leading domestic level.

3:Reverse extruder special tool cover manufacturing technology, to fill a gap in the country.

4:The production technology of high-precision pipe and ultra-fine thin-wall pipe is the leading level in China.

5:The profile production technology for missile orbit is the leading level in China.

6 :Medium and small tube bar production technology, leading in the domestic level.

7:Stage variable section profile production technology.