7A04 T6 /T651 aluminum alloy round bars rods

7A04 T6 /T651 aluminum alloy round bars rods

belongs to al-Zn-Mg-Cu series of ultra-high strength aluminum alloy, also known as superhard aluminum, is the superhard aluminum when mature.A longer and wider alloy.

Material name: 7A04 T6 /T651 aluminum alloy round bars rods

Main features and application scope:

High strength, good strengthening effect of heat treatment, moderate plasticity under annealing and new quenching state;Different from duralumin, the corrosion resistance of the artificial aging state is better than that of the natural aging state, and the natural aging process is slow. It takes 3 months to reach the peak of the aging hardening, so 7A04 can be used in the quenching artificial aging state.Its disadvantages are low structure stability, low low frequency fatigue strength and stress corrosion cracking tendency.The alloy has good spot welding, poor gas welding, good machinability after heat treatment, but not good machinability after annealing.


7A04 T6 /T651 aluminum alloy round bars rods is mainly used for alloy castings of structural parts such as aircraft siding, forebeam, joint, strut and landing gear, cosmetic instrument and notebook shell.